Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unity and Me

After my bad breakup with my external engine, I was quite heartbroken, and found a good rebound - Unity.
We started off in the right foot, I've managed to create the basic project setting quite easily, and once I realized that I should work with the C# scripts, it became even better.
We had some good times, Unity and I. The time that I managed to make a tank follow a series of way-points on the screen. The easily created algorithm for the enemies to avoid crashing into each other. It all seemed to be almost too good. And then today... our first fight.
It all started with my towers. My towers are made out of two objects - the base (which is static) and the head, which revolves to follow the enemy. And Unity just wouldn't let them align:

I said some things that I can't take back. Unity was clearly upset and decided to crash. I tried to find a solution to this problem, but couldn't find anyone in the WHOLE internet with my problem. Not even one. I contemplated leaving game developing and returning to the drudgery of... well, of programming things that aren't games.
Finally I posted a question. Within 45 minutes I had my answer. I should use an orthographic camera. Of course!
Or-tho-gra-phic. Sounds kinky. But it works.
Now Unity and me are in a more stable phase of our relationship. We've finished with the mad passion of the beginning, and we are more comfortable with each other. I hope it lasts.

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