Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Mac

I bought a Mac-mini last Thursday. It has been sitting unconnected on my desk ever since.
This is the way I work. I do not like messing about with unfamiliar things, and I don't like messing about with hardware. If my PC taught me anything, is that new hardware causes pain. You insert a memory card, the screen stops working, the network card shuts down, and the entire computer laughs a hearty laugh.
Anyway, enough is enough, and today I braced for impact, connected my Mac-mini, and flipped the power switch on.
At first I was very upset. The thing wasn't working at all. The screen strangely displayed things, but no noise was emitted from the computer. I am used to the jet engine noise of my PC, which in writing translates to BROOOM BRM BRM BROOOOOOM CLICK CLICK CLICKEDLY CLACK. The Mac stood silently, mysteriously interacting with my screen and mouse. Well there is a simple explanation for this phenomena - the thing is obviously haunted.
So I started interacting with this eerie ghost, and the second terrifying thing occurred. it just worked.  No drivers needed, no 7 restarts, no spitting and hissing about unrecognized devices.
Quickly, I turned on my PC, which noisily started whirring, and together we stared at the spooky box on the table.
Which, I think, was his way of saying that we should watch this thing, as it is likely to murder us in our sleep.

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