Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Short Story All Nighter

Huh. So some time has past since I last updated this blog. What was the last post. The Mac? Seriously? Where is that thing, anyway? Oh, there it is. With an interesting layer of dust over it. Seriously, I should by cheaper paperweights from now on.

Yeah, so I've wanted to come back to this blog for a while. Some things have happened. Two kids born. Plan to start another game company failed due to lack of moral. Started to work again. Wrote a book. Published a book. It's a nice YA book. Readers love it. Perhaps more about that later.

So generally, I'm trying to be a writer now. I've got some nice writing projects going on. Perhaps more about them later. Seriously, blog. It's hard to catch up two and a half years, isn't it?

But here's a good place to start. I need to write a short story for a contest. The thing is, I found out about it a bit late. Like... three days before submission late. So I decided to do the responsible grown up thing, and simply not go to sleep until it's done. Oh, and while we're doing something stupid, let's procrastinate by writing a blog while doing just that.

So I'll post some posts during the night, because stupidity is fun. Good luck to me!

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