Thursday, September 11, 2014

Final Result - Pretty Proud of Myself

I've managed to finish the story by 2:30 AM. I had a general feeling that I did good, though it was a spelling mistake minefield.

My daughter thinks that 5:15 AM is a damn fine hour to wake up, which would make her a wonderful farmer, or rooster. However, as a daughter, this feature could improve. I walked around all day yesterday with a headache and dizziness. Got home yesterday, and went straight to bed... Ha!

Nope, not even close. Got home yesterday, made sure my kids eat, bathed my daughter, made sure my son does his bath, put them both to sleep, walked the dogs. Then I was free to spell-check the story and eat dinner. After that I decided to pass on our nightly Friday Night Lights episode, and went to bed. Instant sleep.

I gave the story to my in-home editor, and she said it's pretty good except for all the things that are not (read - about a third of what's in it). She gave me a list of corrections to implement this evening, after which I'll submit the story with a day to spare.

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