Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Phase One - Premise

Okay, Phase one done, I've layed out the premise. The two cops were introduced. The young cop solved a case in a couple of minutes by browsing the social networks, as the older cop just stared at him helplessly.

Then I've sent them home to introduce two other concepts for this story. One was microcopters - according to my story, in the near future, most people will have microcopters flying around them, filming their every move, so that memorable moments can be uploaded later to the social networks. The older cop is walking home, annoyed by the constant humming of the microcopters, remembering a better time.

The second concept is a sad and depraved psychological effect. Due to the extreme exposure of people in the social network, and the availability of virtual reality, a person can experience  intimate moments of someone else. Specifically, the moments of your ex's new partner. This is a tricky part to write, because I'm not sure how dirty I should get in this story. I am uncertain about the judges, and what they intend to do with the story. Ideally, this would get deep into NSFW territory, simply because the impact is stronger then. I aim to show the cheapness of sex, and there's no better way then to treat it casually and with disdain - sex shared socially for upvotes. However, I watered it down a bit, to make it more accessible. It's worth mentioning that all the books I wrote were intended for ages 12-16. Anyway, my young cop goes back home and expriences having sex with his ex through her new partner's eyes. It's a sad and depressing scene.

At this point I have 1,400 words. I'm limited to 5,000, but I think that's fine. I'm betting on about 4,500 words total, meaning I have third of the story done. It's 11:17, whcih for a parent of three kids means pretty much the middle of the night. I drank one cup of coffee, and I am considering to drink a small glass of whiskey later.

Let the good work resume!

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