Thursday, September 22, 2011

Press Release Me Please

I've been working on a press release for the past week. I was told that it should be about 400 words. I wrote some nice sentences. word count: 110. I added some descriptive words and got to 130. my contact info got it to 135.
I started begging random people for sentences to add. My art director added another tidbit or two about the art style. My dad told me that he is very proud of me, which was nice to hear, but completely unhelpful.
Finally, my wife sat with me and got to work. She has the amazing ability to make a text smaller or bigger without changing its meaning. I don't know how she does that. Anyway, we got to 250 words.
150 to go. I started contemplating copying random marketing texts from journals.
I showed the text once more to my partners, my wife, my dogs. One of my partners switched some words in one of the sentences. It sounded a lot better, but no words added. How does that even help?
I sent it to a good friend, who knows about these things. He sent me some corrections, and a pdf of seven pages about press releases. An outrage. You ask a friend for help, he gives you a manuscript to read.
I drank a nice cup of coffee and read the thing. Victory! the manuscript clearly states that the press release shouldn't be more than a page long. My press release is long enough!
It also mentioned that some developers forget to add a link to their site. "Har har." I thought "Stupid developers. Who can someone forget something like that? Silly, silly people, that's who."
I took a look at my press release. There was no mention of a link to the site anywhere. I added a link.
So, now it's out. It's nice, releasing a press release. It makes me feel important and business like.
I am also having real fun with this blog.

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