Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rat catching and a bit of Caiphirinha

Most of the work I do on Misfortune these days is adding new content. In fact, Misfortune is a bit like an insatiable monster, which feeds on words and sentences.
The initial idea of Misfortune was an RPG dungeon crawler game, in which special events are sprinkled in the dungeons like small candy on a cake. These special events will further the plot, tell stories of the different characters, and expand the atmosphere. It's a sound idea, of which I am very proud.
So I write events. The events tend to be like small "choose your own adventure" books, with 6 - 50 chapters in which the protagonist experiences various occurrences. Today I've published two of them - Rat catching and the street bar
The rat catching event is a simple linear experience, in which the player can join the dubious experience of chasing a rat. The winner gets the prize.
The street bar is a little more complex and atmospheric. I am struggling daily with  expanding the world of Rodnia and exposing it to the players. The street bar is an event in which the player can buy a small mug of Caiphirinha and be exposed to some tidbits of rumors from other customers. Some of them are lies, some are half truths, some are confusing...
The street stall is in fact taken from an actual experience that I had in Brazil. wandering about in one of its coastal towns, I stumbled across such a stall, in which I bought the largest, tastiest cup of Caiphirinha I have ever drank. After half an hour, me and my girlfriend could only zig zag back to our hotel, praising the drink, the town, it's inhabitants and the world in which such a place can exist. We tried finding the stall on the following day, but the streets look different when you are sober.

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